Fields of interest

Wildlife studies
Environmental advices during enquiring, monitoring and fauna studies related to
Environmental Impact Assessments (E.I.A.), Environmental Incidence Assessments (E.I.),
Strategic Environmental Assessment (S.E.A.)
Fauna monitoring for wind farms
Feasibility studies and fauna monitoring for restoring extinct species and restocking badly
preserved species
Environmental professional advices about planning territory, landscape and natural/rural
Landscape reviews and related modifications as well as landscape ecology and complex
ecological nets
Management planning of preserved areas, ZPS areas (Zone di Protezione Speciale = Special
Preserved Zones), SIC areas (Siti di Interesse Comunitario = Interested European Sites)
Management of valuable nature areas according to their protection and preservation, and
promotion of these areas with occupational and productive aims
Managing projects and activities related to nature tourism linked with protection and
promotion of the environmental heritage and territory
Managing project supporting local institutions, concerns and investors, in order to promote
new initiatives specifically related to environmental resources, goods and cultural traditions,
and their integration linked with biodiversity protection and tourist/rural/nature offer
Training related to environment, nature tourism and sustainable development
Advices about preserved area management, recyclable and selective collection projects,
environmental education activities, education excursions, nature research activities,
territorial research and knowledge, bird-watching, nature camps