Professional Partners

criteria   Research. Territory. Innovation. Environment. CRITERIA.
 vocational   Vocational Training is an ISO 9001 certified society. It is involved with service systems and in charge with Professional Training, Promotion and Development of Concerns, and Pre-Competitive Research and Development. Vocational Training is provided with professional resources to offer training and professional advices to PMI (small/medium concerns), Public Institutions, Associations, Agricultural Concerns, unemployed young ones and people at risk of unemployment.
 inquitech   Inquitech offers professional advice, administrative assistance, planning and setting up in any field related to environmental topics; it includes from territorial planning to assessment and reconversion of polluted areas.
 spintadesign   Spintadesign Studio - Websites - Graphic and Print Project.
 hyla   Studio Naturalistico Associato Hyla was established in 2008, after 4 years of tight professional cooperation between Cristiano Spilinga and Silvia Carletti. Thanks to their devotion to nature and to the good relationships at work and in life between its founders and their high specialized partners, it offers services and professional advice on environmental field such as studies and researches, environmental planning, education and spreading.
 milvus   Studio Naturalistico Milvus is based in Basilicata region and it is in charge with environmental planning and fauna research and management. It mostly works in central/southern Italy, also it has developed specific expertise in ornithology.