Social Partners

csn   Centro Studi Naturalistici is an O.N.L.U.S. (Nonprofit institution) according to D.L.g.s. 4/12/97, and it is associated with Federazione Nazionale Pro Natura (Pro-Nature National Federation). It was established in 1948 and nowadays it is the most ancient Italian environmental association. Today 80 groups have subscribed to it; they are all different and all in charge with nature preservation. CSN has got registered in the Anagrafe Nazionale delle Ricerche index (National Research Register), as well as it is a credited institution for the National Civil Service.
legambiente   Please link at the official website of Matera Legambiente, where you will find all last news and contacts with people in charge with the association.
forum-ambientalista   This is a National Environmental Association, born in 2000. It works in several Italian regions in order to promote alternative development strategies to be shared between the territories. Its mission is to keep distant sustainable development from contradictions of the real politik
allelammie   Allelammie is a cultural association working in Basilicata region in the following fields: Cinema, Music and Multimedia
Lucania-film-festival   The Lucania Film Festival is the first cinema international event born in Basilicata region. Also in Pisticci (Matera - South of Italy) there's the People & Place Festival in August.
il-sogno-della-balena   It has been established by Matera Legambiente and it relies on Legambiente websites for its communications.
girc   GIRC is a non-profit association and it was established in February 1999. It promotes Chiropter study and preservation in Italy.
fsp    FSP - Speleological Federation in Apulia - was established in 1979 to represent the Apulian speleological groups in front of national and regional institutions.